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Claiming American Idol...

...one piece at a time.

American Idol Claims
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Love that cheesy theme music that comes up at the beginning of every episode? Can't get enough of Ryan's ridiculous T-shirts? Want to have Kelly's eyes for your very own? (Well, virtually, at least.) Here's the only community devoted solely to claiming things pertaining to American Idol, seasons 1, 2, and now, 3.

You can claim people, performances, quotes, auditions, episodes, songs, qualities of any of the above... as long as it's AI-related, you can claim it!


1. Three people may claim the same person, item, or quality. After that, he/she/it is off-limits.

2. You have to remain a member of the community in order to keep your claims. Leaving the community means sacrificing your claims.

3. Up to four American Idol-related things may be claimed per LiveJournal user. There are two exceptions to this rule: Maintainers get a fifth claim for their trouble. Also, if you make an icon for the community and it is used, you'll get an extra claim. Fifth claims must conform to the regular rules stated below.

4. Only one American Idol contestant, judge, or host may be claimed per user. (Example: you can't claim all of Simon and all of Kelly, but you can claim all of Simon and a particular aspect of Kelly.) This isn't to be witchy, just to be fair to the other members of the community.

5. Check the list of claims (shown as the community website) before posting your claim.

6. Have fun with this and be creative! You can claim anything at all, as long as it's AI-related.